Friday, November 8, 2013

Happy Memories!

Hola all . . .                                                                   November 8, 2013
Jenna's airport arrival - hadn't seen each for a year and a half
We have had a fabulous visit from Justin/Lori and Jenna!  They arrived and left at different times so we had wonderful together and separate time with them - HAPPY MEMORIES!  We saw interesting things here in the DR, had great food, a wonderful time at the ocean, went to a small church branch out in the campo on Sunday etc.  We loved it and are grateful to those that watched kids at home so they could come - especially Lane.  Thanks so much!!!  

Justin, Lori and Chuck went for a walk to a nearby park
and a sudden downpour DRENCHED them! 
Real Dominican food . . . the bandera dinner!

There is a couple serving here in the temple on their 4th mission.  Ron and Donna Malan from American Fork, Utah.  They were here previously when the temple first opened about 10 years ago.  He had a stroke on Tuesday and is now on life support with no chance of survival.  Three of their children arrived yesterday to be with their mom. The hospital won't follow the family wishes to terminate his care.  It is a sad on going situation that is heartbreaking.
A couple has arrived here to serve in the DR East Mission Office - Kevin and Elaine Mortensen from Centerville, Utah.  What is interesting is that he was one of the 10 original missionaries sent here to open the country for the preaching of the gospel in 1978.  He talked to us last Monday for Family Home Evening (yes, kids were here and loved it) and told of some of the many experiences in opening the work here.  What a thrill for him to return now 35 years later and serve again.   He knows so many people that are now much of the older strength of the church here - it was wonderful to listen to him and we will enjoy getting to know them.
Gary and Janet Flake have just arrived to serve as the new temple president as of November 1.  We can tell they are full of life and energy.  We know him from out previous humanitarian service work in Argentina.  He is retired head of Humanitarian Services for the church worldwide.  He will be awesome to listen to on occasion and hear his many stories and life experiences with that wonderful work.  He had a twinkle in his eye when he told me he has LOTS of great stories! 

We are trying to buckle down and be ready for our Assistant Area Auditor Training that we host next week.  The assistants that we work with will fly in from all over - West Indies, Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico and travel from here in the DR for the seminar here at the office November 15th and 16th.  We have some details to wind up - but for the most part I think we are ready.  At least all assignments are made, food planned and hopefully not too many surprises!  Oh yeah . . . I do still need a translator for some of us -  Jamaica, West Indies and Salt Lake visitors.  I will get it done . . .  

LOVE LOVE LOVE TO ALL OF YOU - THE BESTEST!!  Mom and Dad, Chuck and Vickie, Grandma and Grandpa XOXOXOXOXO

A favorite vendor that we love his smile and attitude - ok, so we pay too much but he is worth it! 


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