Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mission call . . .

We are excited and ready to serve our second mission as a senior couple.  We have received a call to the Dominican Republic to serve as Caribbean Area Auditors - this will definitely be a new adventure into some unknown areas!  This is the newest of 15 areas worldwide in the church - it is only about 5 years old.   We leave August 2nd to go to Salt Lake City for a day of training and then enter the Missionary Training Center on Monday August 6th for a week.  We fly to the Dominican Republic August 11th.  We will be living in Santa Domingo and working out of the area office. 

We are knee keep in preparations now and getting things checked off the list to leave our home for 18 months or possibly extend to 23 months if needed.  We are having kids visit and going to visit others . . . that is definitely the hardest part of missionary service - leaving home and family!!  How blessed we are to have wonderful technology to keep in touch!

Mission application photo . . . here we go!!