Friday, November 22, 2013

Smooth Training

Hola to all . . .                                                          November 22, 2013
Area Assistant Auditor Training here in Santo Domingo
Our annual Assistant Area Auditors Training was last weekend - all went off smoothly and we are grateful and glad to have it behind us!   Richard and Ann Ray serving in the West Indies and live in Trinidad stayed with us 4 days and we loved getting to know them - wonderful people!   They are from Tempe, Arizona and wanted a good plate of Spanish food . . . not to be had!  All the other assistants are from their local areas and aren't missionaries but are assistant area auditors by assignment/calling.   Everyone expressed gratitude for learning good things and clarifying situations that were a concern.  Everyone returned home safely.  These are exceptional men that we get to work with! 

Ron Malen went home to Utah on an Air-Med plane Wednesday.  He is the man/temple missionary that had a stroke on November 5th.  He was stable enough to transport and the family gathered the money to make this happen.  Such a sad situation.  His family felt like they had some positive hand squeezes and communication from him although he is not conscious.  His recovery is indeed in the Lord's hands and doesn't look very promising but they they wanted to get him home to deal with the situation.

Our friends Leon and Marilyn Button go home to Arizona tomorrow the 23rd.  We have had fun evenings with them for dinner/movie nights, six dice or hand and foot card games.  We will see them again in Arizona!  That is one of the best things about our mission - meeting the many couples that also serve and getting to know them.  Wonderful people!!!

This Area Communications Committee that I serve on is a challenge for me and my less than techy skills.  I was asked this week to edit, rewrite, correct or whatever you want to call it a couple of articles for the Caribbean website.  One is a 6 page article someone wrote on the youth conference held in Haiti last August - want it down to one page.  I am not a writer - how did I get into this???

Can't believe royal blue orchids
We are eager for our Family Home Evening Thanksgiving Dinner Monday night.  Will be lots of great home cooking with all the fixuns and about 60 in attendance.  Have the table decorations again this year (was that really a year ago) - autumn colored tablecloths and fake fall leaves and get this . . . lots of sea shells!!  It's the Caribbean . . .

Chuck's birthday with friends
the Dunfords, Buttons, Crismons and Haws
Chuck and his favorite computer guru Vincente have created a report that shows possible abuse or misunderstanding on how to dispense welfare assistance.  The report shows the number of "helps" a unit provides to members.  In some units the numbers are consistently very high.  He is checking on the top ten that could possibly have problems to be investigated.  We are grateful that these kind of issues are less frequent than when we arrived.


With lots and lots of love, Mom and Dad, Chuck and Vickie, Grandma and Grandpa
International Auditor Training in Salt Lake last month
Really humble looking fruit stand - look at the size of those carrots! 

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