Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hiatus to the Good Ole' USA!

Meeting Miles for first time
Hola to all . . .                                                                October 24, 2013
We are back from an awesome "hiatus" to the good ole' USA!   Enjoyed everyday so very much and have returned to finish up our last 3 and a half months feeling refreshed, revived and blessed for all we have!   It was wonderful to spend a few days in 3 of our kid's homes.

Chase w/300 stuffed animals as part of Eagle Project
We loved participating in their everyday lives.  While we were in Arizona, Chuck had the opportunity to give Chase and Briley their patriarchal blessings.  This was indeed a memorable experience.  Chase was working on his Eagle Project - collecting over 300 donated gently used stuffed animals for prizes etc. for a health fair he participated and worked with.  We hear it was all a big success!  It was an awesome drive to St. George we were reminded of the gorgeous American west and wide open spaces!

Meeting baby Miles that was born in July was soooooo fun - at 3 months he is smiling, "talking" and generally full of cuteness!   Then on to Pleasant Grove for watching more soccer, flag football and enjoying family. 
Kayl learned my talent well . . .
We have replacements!!  Jay and Rosalind Sorensen from Lynnwood, Washington.  They were invited and able to attend the annual training for two days with us in Salt Lake City.  We were able to visit with them and talk about all their concerns and about the auditing assignment.  They are wonderful and we are sure they will hit the ground running and be ready for us to get out of the way!
The two days of training and learning about the changes in procedures was really a boost to our work.  For example . . . there will soon be a "practice audit" online for training of leaders.  What a great help that will be.  We were with 15 auditor couples from all over the world serving in the different international areas.  All meetings and meals were on the 9th floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building with the temple looming out the window . . . glorious!

We just had our monthly Area Audit Committee Meeting.  Chuck makes the agenda and moves the meeting along with Elder Zivic of the Area Presidency, Jerald Taylor the Area Controler and Lorenzo Castillo works with MLS (Member Leadership Services.)  So many acronymns!  He is always glad to have that meeting finished.  He keeps a "concern log" of the problem issues that we encounter and that is usually where the most time is spent discussing the items and what action to initiate taking care of the situation. 

I have been asked to be one of two assistants to the coordinator for the Family Home Evenings that we hold together as senior couples.   There are often about 60 of us.  We gather as one large group and then sometimes as small groups of 4-5 couples in an apartment.  It is always great fun.  We are planning a turkey dinner for Thanksgiving.  I brought back a suitcase full of table covers etc.  Also, 90 baby receiving blankets for a service project we are doing for Christmas at a hospital that they say has 90 babies born a day.  That sounds like a lot to me . . . whatever, we are going to take that many "gifts" for the Christmas babies.  Will wrap a onesie, 5 diapers, soap etc. in the blankets and take them around to the mothers.  Fun . . .

We are eager to have visits next week from Justin/Lori and Jenna.  Thanks Lane for making this happen for Jenna - it will be happy times!  It is still warm here - continue to sleep under the ceiling fan and no sweaters or jackets needed - ever - except when air-conditioning is too cold! 
Now that's a Great Pumpkin! 
Mucho mucho mucho love to all . . . we think of you and your concerns always!  LOVE - Mom and Dad, Chuck and Vickie, Grandma and Grandpa    XOXOXOXOXO 


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