Friday, October 26, 2012

Marvelous Training Trip

Hola family and friends . . .

We are thinking it may of been harder to leave home this time than it was in August!  We had a marvelous training trip - gaining a broader appreciation for the auditing work/challenges all over the world.  It was the 15 International Area Auditors that gathered - all except the U.S. and Canada.  Thanks to Dr. Ray for a complication free root canal!  It was glorious fall weather in Utah . . . loved the fading colors and falling leaves!  It was fabulous to see all but the Florida part of our little family -  made our hearts sing.  I am now singing these words from a hymn about what is before us  "I have fought my way thru; I have finished the work thou didst give me to do!"

The crockpot made it safely and I am so excited to have it!  Ahhh the little things that make senior missionaries happy.  I am cooking beans in it today for a trial run - yummo! 

The drive to the area office is along the ocean . . . we love it!  It didn't seem as strange to see the old beat up taxis and buses.  There is always a man hanging out the door of the bus watching and waving for riders.  When someone gets off they slap the side of the bus - guess it tells the driver they are clear. The taxi driver usually has a hand out with 1, 2 or 3 fingers up telling all how many more riders he can take.  They pile 3 in the front seat and 4 or 5 in the back of these small taxis.  Can't figure out how anyone knows where they are going!  The major intersections have digital timers counting down to when the light turns green . . . very helpful!

There is construction going on here at the office - redoing the lower level.  It is loud with lots of pounding and drilling.  They dumped a huge pile of sand right on the floor to work with in laying tile.  Chuck finds it very interesting to see how they are doing things.  Our office area will be moved or re-configured somehow in all of this.  We had people measuring it before we left.

Chuck is figuring out what to do next with our assistants and training.  We have a couple of visits to go observe.  We are glad they are so well qualified and pretty much up to date with their training of new leaders.

We have had tons of rain for two days . . . outside rings of Hurricane Sandy I guess - many didn't get to the office yesterday - some of the streets don't drain well, but it is amazing that most do fine.  More rain than we see in years in Arizona!

My Dad's last living brother passed away this week - Uncle Clyde Hansen.  There is rejoicing going on . . . especially by him to be released from that worn out mortal body!  We will think of those that gather for his service.

Get out and VOTE!  Thinking of and missing you . . . YEAH for all the technology to keep in touch!!  LOVE TO ALL xoxoxo Chuck and Vickie, Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa
Just taking a load of bananas to market . . . wonder if any get bruised?

This really is a working taxi . . . amazing huh? 

We stopped at an intersection and this was on the curb - we helped give thousands of these wheelchairs away with the church logo for humanitarian projects in Argentina.

Yes, he needs to tuck in his shirt and pull up his pants . . . but the kids loved the trick! 

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