Friday, November 9, 2012

It Comes With the Territory

Hola family and friends . . .

Elections were hard to watch - so many things in trouble about wonderful America. 
Chuck has been dealing with a sore knee - could still be from the steep waterfall climb several weeks ago. Then he tweaked it again doing push ups - but, he is doing better.  He has his 66th birthday tomorrow and it is just one of those aches and pains that seem to come w/the territory!   When was it we thought we were immune to all of that?

Last week for Family Home Evening the whole group had an instructor on DR dancing . . . merenguebachataand salsa.  It was sooo fun . . . loved it!  Too bad Chuck had a bum leg.  It was pretty amazing to see how many people have absolutely no rhythm . . . very funny.

We have been singing Christmas hymns the last couple of weeks in church - decorations are up everywhere so why not?  I have noticed that the people love to sing . . . even if the melody may not be exactly right - no matter.  On Sunday the gloria chorus to "Angels We Have Heard on High" was sung with particular gusto - made me happy that they were enjoying it so much!

We are in the office during the week most days from about 8:30 - 3:30.  Chuck has been putting together statistics from the audit reports - taking note where there are consistently no receipts turned in, if deposits match the documentation, if one name appears too often in the writing of checks etc.  He keeps a good "unit concern log" and we/others are always working on that.  What do I do?  Well, he gives me assignments sometimes - but lately I have been helping the Public Affairs people prepare for a seminar they have in a couple of weeks.  Just thought I would throw in those thoughts so you know we actually do things besides play.

Saturday we had a trip to a different beach - same boring thing :) :) :) beautiful blue water, white sand and swaying palms . . .  no shells at this one and the weather was sorta too warm but ultra relaxing!   We take home a ton of sand no matter how much we rinse things off.  After the beach we went to a baptism with the Dunfords (public affairs couple) at the small branch they attend.  Here is the "judge not" lesson that we were reminded of.  A young woman about 20 was being baptized.  Her fiance is a returned missionary and was there in a red shirt and not participating in the baptism.  So, we were "wondering" why he wouldn't at least have on a white shirt and tie.  Found out later he only had one white shirt and since she needed white clothes to be baptized . . . she had on his shirt.   I felt ashamed to have thought anything negative when we found that out.

We went to church with Rolando Marte (one of our assistants) on Sunday and they had us for dinner.  Ahhhhthe food is always so interesting - here's what was on the table:  large bowl of rice with corn in it, platter of shredded lettuce with sliced green tomatoes and a few cucumber slices sprinkled w/vinegar, small bowl of cooked meat, plate with a pile of fried eggs, sliced avocado and a bag of too ripe bananas (at least for me) that were cold from being in the frig.  Not too bad - got filled up!  Am sending a photo of him with his meranguedrum . . . he was showing us the different rhythms for the dances. I commented that he and his wife probably used to do a lot of dancing . . . he said "Oh, we still do!" They gave us a demo right there in the small living room.

There was yet another holiday for the office and we were invited about two and a half hours away to a "cabin" . . . more like a gorgeous villa!  It was so fun to visit such a lovely place . . . I kept thinking what a terrific spot for a family reunion!  There was a large dining area with a long table that would seat at least 30.  Ellie, the cute live in maid (her husband was the gardener/grounds keeper) cooked tons of food and we had taken potluck dishes.  I had a piece of chicken and hadn't noticed (until we were cleaning up) the additional pieces that we usually don't cook . . . note the included photo.  It was raining like crazy when we left and I was fearful we would go off the mountain on the washed out road - but we made it and it was a great day!

So sorry we are missing Briley's Ariel performance tomorrow night . . . BREAK A LEG KIDDO!!!
LOVE TO ALL XOXOXOXOXO Mom and Dad, Chuck and Vickie, Grandma and Grandpa

This is a picture of the school yard that is next door out our window.

Creative coconut grater from a mazola oil can - "necessity is the mother of invention" 

The Marte home and his merangue drum.

What piece of the chicken do you like? 

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