Monday, January 13, 2014

Yeah for 2014

Hola family and friends  . . .                                                       January 13, 2014
2014 things to consider improving on:  meaningful conversations with loved ones, whom do I owe apologies and always tell and show those close to me how much I care.  Yeah for 2014!!!
Yeah also for a mission departure date of January 30th - the countdown is on.  We will spend a few days in Florida with Justin and Lori's family and then fly to Salt Lake for a short visit with Jenna and Lane - drive on to St. George to see Jera and Jordan and travel to Arizona Tuesday, February 11th - stop and hug Jason and Angela then to our house in Maricopa!!  It seemed crazy to fly to Phoenix and then shortly get on a plane to go back to visit Florida kids.  This way we will of seen the family and can settle into some health care surgery that awaits us with Chuck's eye and my hip.   It is nice that we both don't fall apart at once . . .
We had a pleasant New Year's Eve Dinner with the Marte family - total Dominican food and tasty!  We had roasted pig - very crusty/crunchy on the outside.  Fanny Marte made sure everyone got a little of the crunchy - think that must be the favorite for them!  We shut down and headed home about 9:30 but their young adult kids were headed to the church for an all night dance and then somewhere to watch the sun rise over the ocean.   There was an hour of fireworks at midnight but not an all night thing like we anticipated. 
The office has been very quiet the last couple of weeks and people we need to deal with have been on vacation.  There are 7 holidays when the office is closed from Christmas Eve day through January so employees tack those days on to vacation . . . not much gets done!  However there have been several situations come up with our work that will keep us busy to figure out and try to not hand over too many problems to our replacements. This training of leaders is always ongoing to teach correct financial procedures and their importance.  Chuck has been to some great trainings lately that the audit committees are doing themselves - progress!!!
I love the tradition January 6th of the Feast of the Three Kings Holiday. This is the major day when the children receive their holiday presents. The tradition is for them to leave goodies out for the Three Kings that will leave them their gifts.   They also leave a glass of water and some grass under their bed for the camels!! 
Our temple service here is over as it is closed the last two weeks of January for maintenance and cleaning.
I am not taking about a third of my cloths home.   I will take them in for the office girls to have anything they might want - they will make the rest "go away."  Chuck will also leave some of his ties and white shirts. 
We are so grateful for the protective care of our grandson Jaren with a 4-wheeler accident.  The bike landed on top of him and he walked away.  We are feeling blessed and have such gratitude that he wasn't badly hurt.  Best of all good things to each of you . . . MUCHO LOVE FROM US   Mom and Dad, Chuck and Vickie, Grandma and Grandpa    XOXOXOXOXO
Pictures . . .
Visited an aquarium and this camouflage sting ray could certainly be a great object lesson!!!
Beautiful green mountains here in the DR . . .
Us by the Marte family door and their Santa they made this year for decoration! 
Chuck . . . admiring and thinking . . .

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