Friday, June 7, 2013

Cashew Apple and the "Untrip"

Spanish Speaking Assistants with Gerald Taylor (area controler) and Chuck

Hello all . . .                                                                   June 7, 2013
Chuck with the suitcase from Dick and Nancy's untrip
We figured out how to get things here to the DR that we might want (creature comforts)  . . .  Have Dick and Nancy plan a visit on a flight that is way overbooked and they check the bag carrying all the "things" they are being kind to bring to us.  Wahlah . . . they don't make it on the flight  but the suitcase will and we go to the airport and pick it up . . . NIFTY huh? 

Well, that is what happened . . . so crazy!  Chuck is greatly enjoying his Red Devil hot sauce and we appreciate the rest of the list.  Very kind of you bro and sis!  However, we are still looking forward to a real visit! 

Last Saturday we had our four Spanish speaking assistants gather for training.  They are the ones in charge of auditor training here for a majority of the units of the church.   There were the 3 from here in the DR and the one from Puerto Rico.  Chuck is very pleased with the way it all went and he thinks it was good to sit around a table and talk about what they do and share experiences.  They were also taught some new emphasis on important aspects of training leaders in using the funds of the church.  I can follow some of it and know at least what they are talking about . . . they seemed to enjoy the green chile cheese breakfast bake, cut up fresh fruit salad and rolls for breakfast I made for them. 

A favorite recent sighting was a bus (gua gua) with several layers of foam totaling about 15 inches strapped to the front bumper.  It was the usual beat up and running bus with big front and back extended bumpers but the foam was a nice feature!  Ya gotta be on your toes to catch this stuff . . .

Cashew Apple
I always wondered where cashew nuts came from but never looked it up.  Turns out there is a cashew apple tree and the nut is a by-product that forms first and hangs below a fleshy cashew apple.  The trees grow here in the tropics.  The ones we found on the ground were really stinky - but you can totally see the nut that after precessing is so delicious.  They mostly seem to use the "apple" part for juices we were told.  It was a huge tree and we couldn't reach anything on the tree that might of been fresher than the one I took a picture of. 

Next Monday is the FHE that we will celebrate Father's Day.  I wrote a "rap" for the occasion that all of the girls will - dare I say perform - for the men.  We had a little practice last week and it will be a hit!  That is the only description I choose to offer of what might happen . . .

Flamboyant Tree
Tomorrow we go to Santiago for a big training of leaders in that area under the direction of Felix Cruz our assistant.    They are planning a dinner and it will be interesting.  Add that to the 5 and a half hours I listened to on Sunday - you would think the Spanish would improve!   I am looking forward to the drive to see the gorgeous red flamboyant trees in bloom - they are quite the show right now.

We worked two hours in the temple this morning unpacking a million boxes and counting things - it was an order placed a year ago and it is very large - will be a huge job to mark everything and find places to store it all. 


Again - LOVE YOU ALL - hope your summer is looking fun!  XOXOXOXO Mom and Dad, Chuck and Vickie, Grandma and Grandpa

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  1. Hey Vickie and Chuck! It's Mark and Julia Robinson (Noal and Linda Robinson's kids)! We met some of your fellow missionaries on the way to the Dominican Republic. We arrived in Santa Domingo (staying in La Romana) late Tuesday night and will be here until the wee-hours of Saturday morning. We will try to locate you through the mission phones and see if we can't hook up with you on Friday. Great memories of Argentina :-)