Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mission Update

Hola family and friends . . .

We were relieved and grateful when the Annual Training was over and we took the last ones to the airport!  It seemed to go really well.  Those over us have only expressed compliments and we haven't been asked to go home . . . so we will press on.  It was a learning experience and we were impressed with the quality of the assistants that we work with . . . it was good to put faces with the names!!  Most are young enough to be our children and we loved getting to know them.

We are grateful to my cousins Phyllis and Danny for keeping us updated on Uncle Buddy Raymer's recent care and ultimate death on September 14th.  He was my mother's only brother.  Uncle Bud was a good part of my growing up years.  Even in recent years his joyful, joking spirit always shown through when we would visit him.  As Phyllis said . . . we were amazed how he still could come up with "new material" to bring a smile to our face.  He leaves us a wonderful legacy of faithful perseverance in the face of extreme health obstacles.  We love Uncle Buddy!!

A visit to the dentist was an adventure.  After carefully checking off all of the health issues to be gone 18 months ~ a month in I found myself with a toothache . . . grrrrr!  I got a dentist referral from the area doctor . . . address didn't show on the GPS . . . we got directions . . . found the street and need #13 building . . . stopped to ask 5 people . . . they look right and left and point in all directions and somehow a Taco Bell is mentioned . . . not one in sight . . . we finally call the office for the third time and she tells us the color of the building . . . still no Taco Bell.  We see the dentist's name in the building directory as on the 5th floor.  There is no 5th floor on the elevator buttons.  I finally have an examination from what seems like a competent doctor . . . x~rays and about a 30 minute visit . . . $13.00  How do they do that?  It was all rather hilarious!!  October 10th we will fly to Phoenix to visit favorite Dr. Ray for a root canal then on to Salt Lake for our Auditor Training the next week.  Nice break huh?   Sorry just don't want to get that root canal done here . . . ok call me chicken!

We finally visited a beautiful beach!  Indeed just like a postcard . . . crystal blue, refreshing, perfect temperature and the ever present swaying palms.  Chuck enjoyed a little snorkeling but wasn't too impressed - didn't look like a tropical fish tank!  We took home lots of sand and had a fun time with 3 other couples.  Be sure to bring beach shoes if you visit . . . it's sorta rocky in the water.

Beach Therapy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At church last Sunday there was a group of about 30 visiting from Suriname.  They are here for temple work and staying all week at the "Casa" by the temple.  All of the couples had been sealed in the temple on Saturday.  They speak different strengths of English, French and Dutch.  In Relief Society (women's meeting) it made me chuckle to see about 6 groups holding different translations of what the teacher was teaching in Spanish.  It all sounded like confusion and it literally was ~ but they sure were sweet, friendly women!

Except for 2 ~ all of the audits are in for the area ~ 406 units of the church from this Caribbean Area.  Percentage wise . . . we are #1 in the well . . . world!  There are 15 areas of the church outside of the USA. The Mexico Area is second . . . but we have to admit they have over 2,200 units of the church . . . but hey . . . we are going on percentage!!!!  It is a real accomplishment and awesome to see this work of the assistants in helping to get things done on time.   There is an audit every 6 months.

We are enjoying our mission and feeling more comfortable.  It is good to get to know some people and making new friends.  Miss you all and love you OH SO VERY MUCH!!!!  Thanks for keeping in touch ~ we thrive on it!!  XOXOXOXOXO

Love you Mom and Dad, Chuck and Vickie, Grandpa and Grandma

A horse drawn cart with something that looks like cheeries and limes but we don't really think it is cherries????????
Assistant Area Auditor Training - group picture
Botanical Garden . . . a funky tree!!

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