Friday, April 26, 2013

Brownies Are Safer

 Hola family and friends . . .

Letter writing seems to come so often - perhaps for you also - but, it is another two weeks!

The office was closed the Thursday and Friday before Easter so ten of us checked out a van and went to visit the church's family camp here about an hour and a half away near Bonao.  Chuck was the designated driver and none of us had ever been there - only got lost about 3 times. It was a great day to get to see this beautiful camp they are continually working on.  There is a missionary couple assigned there from Puerto Rico - they work hard! They have 67 "cabanas" for groups to stay in about 20' x 20' cement slabs - some with half walls and roll up canvas the rest of the way to the palm frawn ceiling/roofs. 

There are common toilet/shower areas and 4 open kitchens for cooking - with tables for serving/eating.  They are just finishing up a huge covered cement gathering area with a big stage - full basketball court - large fully equipped kitchen with walk in frig and freezer - this gives them a wonderful gathering place out of the rain even though it has no walls.  There is scouting here in the DR and they are planning the first ever gathering of over 600 scouts there at the camp this summer.  Glad we don't have that assignment - although Chuck would probably love it!  They are also planning "Especially for Youth" and of course many sessions of stake Girls Camp.
Bonao Camp cabanas

Bonao Camp huge shelter

The Monday afternoon after Easter we were asked to speak at the office devotional here the next day - Tuesday morning.  This is a weekly thing broadcast to the church offices throughout the Caribbean and very scheduled - we can only assume (did not ask) that someone fell through and they were desperate!   We decided to just give some thoughts on the importance of monitoring the finances of the church and to do it in a uniform way throughout the world.  Everyone in full time church employment deals with that in one way or another in their various assignments.  We think it was well received and we were actually glad we didn't have to stress for weeks about that assignment.

We certainly enjoyed sitting in our little "den" and watching General Conference on the computer - love that time to just enjoy hearing the counsel about living the gospel.  We wanted to go to the MTC again and watch but there are so many missionaries there now and the main room just wasn't big enough for us all to join them.  President Bair from the temple invited all the men for Priesthood Session at their apartment.

We have gone several times again to get financial records from offices.  There was also a long meeting here with those over us discussing the numerous cases that seem to be surfacing.  Decisions are being made about future training of leaders.  We think the Area Presidency will have a heavier hand emphasizing the importance of proper financial procedures.

Deviled egg and hand wound saga:   I had a refreshment assignment for FHE (last name N-Z) so thought I would make a bunch of deviled eggs as many complain of too much sugar - then again will they really take a deviled egg vs a brownie?  I stabbed my hand with a deep puncture wound that wouldn't stop bleeding - Chuck had to finish the eggs . . . another story.  By evening it is still bleeding - Scouter Wood Badge Trained Chuck kicks in w/first aid!  He says my hand needs to be stabilized as I keep opening the cut by using my hand.  He wrapped my hand w/two socks criss-crossed over a bandage for pressure.  The next morning it is dry but for added measure puts on a splint out of a clothespin and Scotch tape so I can't bend my little finger - below which is said wound.  I am healing nicely - thank you very much!   You know real news is scarce if I resort to telling such stories! 
My clothespin/Scotch tape splint 

All is well - we are serving and "Getting our Money's Worth!"  Different cultures are nice but home is best!  LOVE TO YOU ALL - we hear the deer are eating the tulips in Utah - spring has to be arriving soon! XOXOXOXOXOXO Mom and Dad, Chuck and Vickie, Grandma and Grandpa

A small table/fruit stand on our corner we stop at a couple of times a week - he was anxious to get back to his domino game in the background.  We bought 6 bananas, 2 mangoes and a pineapple.

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